There’s a new Transyltown Coffins segment spotlighting Alicia! Check it out here.

I’ve got a solo Twitter page now which I’ll be focusing on instead of the Brass one. Keep up with all of my art, Transyltown previews, and any of my random thoughts there. I’m talking to a friend about taking over the Brass Twitter and Facebook page as they have been inactive. I’ll bring more news on that in the future.

Space City Con is this weekend here in Houston. I’ll be there, so check me out if you can. I’ll be speaking at a panel about Women in Comics at the con. The portrayal and involvement of women in the comics industry is a very import issue, and I’m honored to have been allowed to speak with the talented women at this event. I may not have as much to offer as them, but I hope that I can add to the conversation. Check out the details here.┬áThe event may be recorded, and I’ll be sure to post a link to the video if it’s up.