I had so much fun at Space City Con this past weekend. Over the past few years my home town of Houston, TX is having a much better and larger comic convention scene. This coming Friday the local Space City Nerd zine (which isn’t affiliated with Space City Con) is having a release party for their next issue, and this time are giving out space to local cartoonist to also promote their work at the party. I’ll be there as well! I’ve also been invited to join a project that makes it easier for up and coming artist to go to more cons. Once that’s all settled I hope it can help me get to cons outside of Texas. I really want to see what the comic fan scenes look like across the US, and maybe someday beyond!

Also the Women in Comics panel I featured on with Meredith Nudo, Jamie Kinosian, Jessi Jordan, Alva Coto and Lane Montoya was recorded. As soon as it’s posted somewhere I will have links.