It’s been a long while, but vote incentive sketches are back!


For now the voter sketches will be once a week, but if there’s enough folks requesting them though Patreon I’ll start sharing sketches more often. Want to never miss a Transyltown sketch, suggest sketches, or even have your very own personal Transyltown sketch delivered to you? Support Transyltown on Patreon where and optional subscription fee as low as $1 a month will get you access to all Transyltown art, and pages ahead of schedule!

This mini story has one more page left! After that the regular Transyltown story will commence again! Thanks for the support, everyone!

I’ve also begun working on a new comic written by David Furr called Help Wanted. I’ve already started posting in-progress page art on the Patreon page as well! This is my first time on a project without having my hands in the writing part at all, and it becoming a fun experience! Here’s the concept art for one of the main characters, Boneless Bread!

boneless bread034