After much introspection I’ve decided that the current arc of Transyltown will be it’s last major story, and Transyltown will be coming to an end. Honestly I’ve been feeling tied down by it and unenthusiastic to work on it. That’s made attempts to draft the next story feel uninspired. You all deserve to receive something with more passion from me. I may return to it in the form of Transyltinies since I do still have story ideas in mind for it; however that will be after completing some projects.

So what’s in the future exactly? I’m gonna start working on a pitch for a new ongoing series (currently thinking of the title “Broadcast”) and searching for a literary agent for it. Be on the look out as I’ll share the pitch bible and key art here.

After that pitch is drafted, and the publishing hunt begins I’ll turn my attention to a few lingering one shot ideas, fun illustrations, and unfinished projects.
I hope you all continue to support me and look forward to new works!