Alright, the mini episode of over! The regular Transyltown story will begin updating next week! If you are impatient you can check out future pages as I finish them on Patreon where you can get other need rewards will supporting the Transyltown comic. Did you like this mini episode? I have more that I would like to do that feature other characters from Transyltown. Weekly minis are on of the first milestones on my Patreon. For now I will try to make them when I can along side the regular updates of Transyltown, and my other work.

Inktopber sketch #1!

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October is “Inktober” month! I’m getting a late start on things, but I thought it would be fun to produce one inked drawing featuring a Transyltown character for 31 days straight. I’m not sure if I can keep up with one drawing a day, but I will make sure to do 31 of these! Come back everyday to see a new Inktober voter sketch!