I’m very happy to announce that the funding of Transyltown Volume 2 was successful this time around! Thanks so much to all of you that helped.

It’s been a pretty long week between wrapping up the volume 2 Kickstarter, finishing up Fight School High School, some obligations over the weekend including Father’s Day, so I apologize for the lack of a page update this week. I still have some work to wrap up for Transyltown Volume 2 before I send it to my designer, and the printers and an out of town obligation this coming weekend so things may remain slow here next week, but I’ll have a new illustration to share at the least.

Be on the look out for my short project with writer Matt Gordon, Fight School High School! Here’s a little preview page! But, hey you can also check out all my art for it right now by supporting me on Patreon for just one dollar a month!


FSHS 0 page 2


Also check out The Sunday Comics! I was invited to take part in this revival of Newspaper style strips, and I will be launching a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while now called Transyltinies! It will be a new Transyltown short that focuses on shorter adventures, and more stuff with Transyltown’s supporting cast! I hope that you can help support The Sunday Comics!

For those of you that read my other webcomic, Crackers and White Wine, I’m gonna try to have that ready to update again if not this week than next. A lot has happened in the news lately that I really need to express myself about in comic form. My heart goes out to the victims and families of the Charleston shooting. I hope one day we can move past the hate that still festers in this world.