Hey everyone! Super sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy doing a few comic events like Comicpalooza in Houston and All-Ages Awesomeness in Round Rock and I’ve been been getting a few things going. One of them is what you see here, A second issue of Help Wanted! I have a lot of fun being an artist on this project, and put a lot of work into it. I hope that you can show it the same kind of support you show Transyltown and back the currently going Kickstarter campaign. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1669414775/help-wanted-2-0


I’m gonna be shifting focus on how I go about working on Transyltown. In the past I’ve been writing rather spontaneously and treating working on the comic on a week by week basis, but there’s a lot of different stories I want to write and draw, and that format means I can spend long periods away from T-Town while I’m working on something else. Instead I will work on T-Town with the goal of completing full issues or volumes at once. Transyltown will remain a webcomic, but I hope this means that once I get to the point of working on T-Town regularly again there will be less gaps. It’s be a while until I can get to that point as I have 2 projects lined up after Help Wanted. I plan on doing as many Transyltown/Tinies pages I can manage during that time. I’m aiming to have another Transyltinies next week. I hope you all will stick with me and continue to support Transyltown and my other works.


Also I will be posting regular updates of my various projects to all levels of my supporters on Patreon. Please consider supporting me there. Any little bit goes a long way towards helping me create more frequently. See you guys next time!