Crackers and White Wine has a new home! New comics are coming very soon! Thanks for the patience. A lot of stuff happened, and I had to take a break for a mental breather and to catch up on work other comics; namely “Help Wanted!” funding on Kickstarter right now. Please show it some love!

In that time had to go through some changes, but I hope that you guys can still show support towards Jeremy that Artist, and his works there even if Crackers and White Wine had to move.

There are still a few buggy things going on with the main Brass Comics page preventing me from putting a link to this page there, but hopefully I can work that out tonight. Expect a brand new strip next week!

In the mean time I’ll be at STAPLE! Independent Media Expo this weekend March 7-8 where you can snag a Crackers and White Wine zine, Transyltown comics, prints and other goodies!