After severely underestimating what weekend three art events in a row and entering into a weekly competition would mean for my workload I will regrettably have to put Transyltown on hiatus until August 27th. In the meantime you can pay attention to my Deviantart page and Manga Magazine page as there are some art pieces on the way that I’m finishing for the Just Ink show at the East End Gallery here in Houston,  a piece for Sketchbook Fightclub that I have been recently allowed to promote, and a few pieces I discovered I haven’t posted yet on the way later today. I will try my very best to release two pages that week, but at the moment I can’t make any promises.

Other then that the Space City Nerd release party was really fun, and I’m very glad that they are inviting artist to participate in their events. I’m sure it will really help the illustrator community in Houston grow, and I’m very excited about that!