…Just got my internet working again…


In other news Transyltown is now on MangaMagazine.net. I was invited there by Matsuyama Takeshi, and the site offers interesting opportunities to creators. Of course I will continue to post there, but if any of you guys already check out their site, feel free to check out Transyltown there for your convenience.

It is with a heavy heart that I will have to say this will be the last of this kind of vote incentive. After giving it a lot of thought I concluded that TopWebComics voter is a rather passive way of advertising Transyltown, and I want to focus on rebuilding my buffer, so I can go back to two updates a week and make more illustrations for conventions. I will still be doing a lot of sketching on occasion, and will post any Transyltown related ones in either the Extras or Gallery sections. Feel free to check out my Deviant Art page, or the Manga Magazine page to see any other art I’ll be doing.

I’ve been creating Transyltown for a few years now, and I have so many stories planned, but it seems that I go through them slowly. I really want to be in a position where I can give you guys a lot more Transyltown a week. The only way I can think of reaching that goal is to bring Transyltown to the attention of as many people as possible, so I’ll be aggressively advertising through Project Wonderful again soon. I’ve loved the results in the past, but it can get really expensive, so I will be opening up cheap commission pretty soon, to help fuel that. (Also donations really help too! :D)