Sorry for the comic delays. It’s been a very busy and very exhausting past few weeks, there probably gonna be that way for a little while as there a project I’m trying to get some work on before the Staple convention  hits. :/

As far as news:

I launched a Youtube show called The Single Issue with Shane Longshadow is Hungry creator, Stephen Patrick Kelly. We talk about creating comics, review anime and cartoons, with more kinds of videos coming in the future.

Conventions are coming up! I’ll be at Anime Matsuri in Houston next weekend. I should have prints of Transyltown issue 5 on my person at that time too. Staple Independent Media Expo will be the following weekend in Austin. Matt Gordon and I will be premier a future ongoing comic, Fight School High School, there with an 8 page preview chapter with concept art and character bios! I’ll also be featuring on the Diversity in Comics and Patreon panels at Staple.

Speaking of Patreon it’s a great and fun way for you to help out Transyltown and my other projects, (and enough support will help solve these pesky delay issues) and there are plenty of fun rewards! So if you like the things I do, and wanna help me bring more of it to the world check it out and show some love! Just $1 a month helps out a ton 😀