After a friend read this it became clear to me maybe some people don’t know what a brown note is… so … uh… I’ll let Wikipedia explain.

I’ve been asked questions like why I don’t fill up my living space with posters, statues and stuff like that. I’ve always justified it by saying “I’m not really much of a collector.” However a rather curious thing happened over the weekend. As I was (finally) organizing my books I recently (several months ago) got out of storage, I got really anxious when I realized a number of volumes of comics and a few books were unaccounted for… Then it dawned on me that books are what I collect, lol! Oh well, there’s quite a few series that I don’t plan on revisiting. I think I’ll get rid of those and finish the series I have yet to complete. 😀

In other news, man, I am super excited! One of my favorite mangas, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, is getting both a new fighting game and an anime soon!