I know I’m really late, and a lot of people are gonna tell me “I told you so,” but… The Walking Dead is absolutely AMAZING! I’ll be looking out for it once more episodes are available on Netflix.

Also… Persona 4 rocks … I’m really behind on things, guys. I’m still playing it at the moment, but the characters are rich and the combat system is engaging.

The season finale The Legend of Korra happened. As with every episode my mind was blown, but I couldn’t help but feel a littleĀ unfulfilled. Mostly because I wanted to see more from Bolin. He had a really good character building episode early in the show when the pro bending team was working their way towards the finals. He displayed a level headed goal oriented side that I wish they would have played around with more. It seemed to me was the most capable of pulling through when the tension got high and bringing the Team Avatar closer together, but he ended up playing the goofball the rest of the season. I’m hoping for more character defining moments from him in season 2. Over all though, The Legend of Korra rocks!