Hey everyone! Transyltown updates are coming regularly again soon. I’m gonna stop doing freelance comics for a while and make Transyltown my main focus again from now on, but first there’s a lot of work to do. My website security is woefully out of date, and the main Brass page had to come down when I was forced to do reconstruction due a hack, so that’s gonna take some time on top of rebuilding a health buffer of pages before uploading.

The webcomics environment has changed a lot since I’ve been dividing my focus on other projects. I’m gonna be putting up my back log of pages on to Tapastic and Webtoon soon, so the comic can reach further audiences.

Please bear with me until the updates start happening. Until then I’ll post up sketch and character bio stuff. There’s been a number of different characters that have made minor appearances. I’ll use this time to spotlight them.

Also as you can see a Transyltinies print collection is on the way. How soon… well depends on my funds, haha. I have a few things in need of printing, and it’s one of them.