Here’s a guest strip by my good friend and fellow Brass creator, Zach Q. Check out his webcomic, Meraki, here:

I’ve got a bit a news. Firstly I wanna apologize again for the delay, and the website crashing recently. I’ve wanted to return to Transyltown sooner, but a job I’ve been working on extending, and became a major pain in the butt. That said I do have an official date for the return of Transyltown, February 3!

As suggested from friends I’ll no longer be going by the pen name, Bruce Small, and will now be going by my really name, Isaiah Broussard.I had my reasons for using the pseudonym, but it’s long since outlived its purpose, and has made it confusing when introducing myself to people at cons, as I do prefer my actual name.

Finally Transyltown has been nominated for the best of The Global Manga Initiative! Follow the link here to show your support with a vote: