Since J.J. was involved in the story Mammon was created with the thought that she would be a threat that was actually too much for the Transyltown kids to handle. That said I couldn’t make her such a treat that she would be a danger to the lives of the kids because that’s a bit too dark for Transyltown. It may seem cheesy that Mammon wanted to wipe Timmy, Alicia, Luna, and Victor’s memory of their time at the theme park, but it was something that was important to them. Of all the antagonists that have appeared in Transyltown so far she was the only one that was really downright villainous, but …

I don’t feel like she came off the way I wanted when the story was complete. She was supposed to be a character that becomes consumed with stress, and starts indulging in consuming on human greed instead of happiness as the demons had been before in a metaphor for mental breakdowns, and substance abuse, but the scenes that would specifically outline that were cut because I didn’t want to distract from the terror she actually imposed on Transyltown kids at the time. I still think that was the right decision to make, but I regret not going about it differently. I want to write Mammon again simply because I feel that she was a character that deserved better than what I gave her.


Primarily her human form is based on Mature from the King of Fighters series. Mammon got long curved bangs that mimic the horns of her demon form, and give her a unique silhouette. Makeup was emphasized on her design since I had decided on the plot point that demons use makeup to hide their actual appearance for the clowns. Her dark lipstick, eye shadow, and eye liner helped balance her in close ups.

Her demon form was a challenge for me. I knew I wanted something resembling the inner body like a Bodyworks exhibit, but most of my original sketches were far too creepy for Transyltown. The terror that Alexia Ashford’s tyrant form of Resident Evil: Code Veronica was a key influence in my direction.

I settled on a design that pulled heavily from art dolls. At the time was working as the book department supervisor for a local art store, and I always felt the art doll magazine we carried were an exercise in artist trying to one-up each other in making creepy dolls. Art dolls hit all the “uncanny valley” triggers for me, and I wanted Mammon’s demon form to have that feeling. Her sinew-like sleeves and dress-like bottom reflect the art doll inspiration.

Mr. Smilin and Grinny


I’m going to review these two together because they were created together. The idea for the Curly’s Carnival arc came from me reviewing common fears that I could make Transyltown adventures from. I never really understood the fear of clowns (other than the uncanny valley explanation). Clowns are tasked with the job of making people smile, so there’s no reason to fear them! Even though they may be scary looking, and sure they would actually be demons for the sake of Transyltown, Mr. Smiling and Grinny only want to make people happy!

Curiously a clown came into the store I worked at shopping for face painting supplies, and I asked her if I could take a photo for reference after explaining I was a comic artist with a story featuring clowns. She asked, with a frown on her face, “Will they be scary clowns with sharp teeth?” I felt pretty bad, when I said, “kind of…” After I explained that they were good people, and that was the theme, she gladly let me take a picture!


I really just searched through reference of several clowns pulling together elements that I thought would be fun to draw, and looking for shapes that would make their silhouettes unique.

Mr. Smilin’s demon form was specifically a call to the clown demon, Violator, of Spawn. Grinny’s demon form is just a traditional goat hoof demon design.