Hey everyone. Once again I’m sorry I haven’t been updating much. I just finished up all the pages for my work on the comic Help Wanted. I still have to a cover and illustration to do, but it won’t be long until I get back to doing regular page updates of T-Town. I’m not gonna bother with trying to rebuild my buffer before updating. I’m ready to get back to sharing with you guys ASAP, and will build up the buffer for you guys on Patreon as I update. However on top of seeing my  art on Help Wanted, my Patreon supports will not only get early access to T-Town as I make it, but you’ll get to see work on a short collab project with Matt Gordon of Musings , Fight School High School, which I will start as soon as things are rolling with T-Town again. But don’t worry guys, this is an 8 page project, so it won’t get in the way of my work of Transyltown. However we are talking about launching it as a webcomic. More news on that as it comes closer to reality.

Thanks again, everyone!