Coming to you today with something of a downer update for BioRhythm readers and fans.

As of now BioRhythm, while definitely an important project for Bruce and I, is going to be discontinued for the time being. It stings a bit to write that as I’ve grown accustomed and fond of the characters we created and the world we scratched the surface of. It was something I have loved making.

For now, however, its going to have to be taken off of our update schedule. It’s something we hope to come back to at some point in the future, when we are more established and ready to tackle it with the attention it deserves.

Brass Comics is not going anywhere. Both my new creation Meraki, and Bruce’s ongoing comic Transyltown are going on strong and are going to be our regular line up for the foreseeable future.


I honestly thank you for checking out our creation, and hope you’ll continue to join us for more great stories.


Zach Q.